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Singapore General Hospital Contact, Medical Report, Doctor List, Address and Appontment

I have come to you today with various information about Singapore General Hospital. Every day a large number of people take online collaborations to learn about various topics related to Singapore General Hospital. However, one discussion failed to find out all the information about this hospital because one website does not provide all this information together. That is why in today’s discussion we have worked with the aim of providing detailed information on all matters relating to Singapore General Hospital. Through today’s discussion you will know Singapore General Hospital contact number, address of the hospital Medical report Doctor List Apartment All the detailed information is being provided in today’s discussion.

So if you want you can find out about all these things through our discussion. A large number of people receive medical treatment at this hospital every day. In this case many people come online to know the various information of this general hospital so the thematic discussion will inform you about all the information about this hospital through which you can get a proper knowledge about this hospital. You can contact our main contact number for advice before receiving medical services.

Singapore General Hospital Contact

Those of you who have come to our website for the purpose of collecting Singapore General Hospital contact numbers are requested to collect the contact numbers of the hospital through our discussions. You can find out more about this hospital by contacting our real contact numbers. According to the information that you can receive medical services in this hospital, you will also be able to know a lot of necessary information about the services.

Address: 31 Third Hospital Ave, Singapore 168753

Singapore General Hospital Doctor List

A list of doctors at the Singapore General Hospital will be provided in today’s discussion. Many people are interested to know about the list of doctors before receiving medical services, so in today’s discussion we are presenting the list of Singapore General Hospital among you.

Plastic Surgeons at Singapore General Hospital

  • Prof. Lee Seng Teik – Congenital Abnormalities
  • Prof. Tan Kok Chai – Reconstructive Microsurgery, Aesthetic
  • Assoc. Prof. Foo Chee Liam – Cranio-maxillofacial Surgery, Aesthetic
  • Dr. Sng Wei Ee, Karen – Cleft & Craniofacial Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery
  • Assoc. Prof. Tan Bien Keem – Reconstructive Microsurgery, Lymphedema, Aesthetic
  • Dr. Leo Kah Woon – Reconstructive Microsurgery, Aesthetic
  • Dr. Ong Yee Siang – Reconstructive Microsurgery, Aesthetic, Burns
  • Dr. Wong Chin Ho – Reconstructive Microsurgery, Aesthetic, Burns
  • Dr. Ng Siew Weng – Reconstructive Microsurgery, Aesthetic Surgery, Burns
  • Dr. Mohamed Zulfikar Rasheed – Reconstructive Microsurgery, Aesthetic

Dermatologists (Skin Specialists) at Singapore General Hospital (SGH)

  • Dr. Pang Shiu Ming MBBS (HK), FRCP, DIP DERM (London), FAMS
  • Dr. Lee Huar Yueh
  • Dr T. Thirumoorthy

Obstetricians and Gynecologists at Singapore General Hospital (SGH)

  • Prof Charles Ng – Sub-Specialty: Reproductive Medicine
  • A/Prof Tay Sun Kuie – Sub-Specialty: Gynaecological Tumours and Cancers, Endometriosis
  • A/Prof Ho Tew Hong – Sub-Specialty: Gynaecologic Oncology
  • Dr. Chua Hong Liang – Sub-Specialty: Gynae-Oncology, Urogynaecology
  • Dr. Devendra Kanagalingam – Sub-Specialty: Maternal Fetal Medicine, High-risk Pregnancy
  • Dr. Fong Kah Leng – Sub-Specialty: Pre-invasive Cancer
  • Dr. Hemashree Rajesh – Sub-Specialty: Reproductive Medicine
  • Dr. Pang Yi Ping Cindy – Sub-Specialty: Gynaecological Oncology
  • Dr. Tan Eng Loy – Sub-Specialty: Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • Dr. Tan Hak Koon – Sub-Specialty: Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • Dr. Tan Lay Kok – Sub-Specialty: Obstetric Medicine (Medical disorders), High-risk Pregnancy
  • Dr. Tan Poh Kok – Sub-Specialty: Urogynaecology
  • Dr. Tan Wei Ching – Sub-Specialty: Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • Dr. Yong Tze Tein – Sub-Specialty: Reproductive Medicine, Menopause, Adolescent Gynaecology
  • Dr. Yu Su Ling – Sub-Specialty: Reproductive Medicine

Hopefully we have been able to present to you the list of addresses and doctors about this hospital. Since we have provided the contact number among you, you can contact there to know about all other matters related to the hospital.

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